Welcome to the St Andrews Skills Academy blog.  We’ve created this space in order to keep you more informed, on a day-to-day basis, about the comings and goings at the St Andrews Skills Academy.

We’ll be posting about the meetings we’re having, the courses we’re planning, and the internet resources we’re recommending.

We’d really like to hear your experiences, and so we’d love for you to contribute to the blog by using the comments facilities at the bottom of eah entry.

There’s also a section of the blog devoted to feedback and suggestions – please leave comments at the bottom of the relevant page and we’ll endeavour to respond to you personally.  If you’d rather keep your ideas or comments to yourself, please get in touch using the ‘Contact Us‘ page on the St Andrews Skills Academy website.

Disclaimer: This blog, while carefully researched, represents personal opinions and is not necessarily a representation of the St Andrews Skills Academy.  The external links recommended on this site are not controlled by the Skills Academy and we take no responsibility for the accuracy of these sites.


One Comment on “Welcome”

  1. just received email from sagha re-first aid 3rd dec. would like to have attended but too short notice. maybe next time.
    Kind regards,Colin Wiseman

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