Homecoming 2009 and pay-per-click advertising

I came across an interesting blog article today from Andrew Steel, about how hotels are failing to make the most of the marketing opportunities that Homecoming 2009 presents. It recommends that more businesses take out a Google AdWords campaign that is triggered by the phrase ‘Homecoming’, because at the point of writing (and I’ve just checked, this is still the case!), there were absolutely no competitors for that search term.

Check out the full article here:


As a side-note, pay-per-click internet advertising campaigns – such as Google AdWords – are highly cost effective ways to target your online advertising and I would urge you to consider setting up an account, if you have not already. Here’s an example of how effective a campaign can be: Timothy Craggs, the manager of the Rusalka String Quartet, invested £30 per month in pay-per-click advertising and quadrupled the number of gig requests his quartet was receiving.

Obviously, pay-per click advertising is not the ideal method for every company. You need to have an attractive, user-friendly website with a link to a contact form or email address for enquiries, because the sorts of people who click on sponsored links are also the sorts of people that can be easily scared away if they are only present with a phone number for enquiries. Neither should pay-per-click be your only marketing strategy. But, used sensibly, it’s becoming an increasingly valuable tool.

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