Upselling tips from the Fife Tourism Conference

The Pride and Passion has a wide range of resources hidden in its ‘News & Events (and other happy stuff) section, and it’s well worth checking out.

Here is one great mini-article, published on the 3rd April:

We got some brilliant tips on up-selling from the Fife Tourism Conference earlier this week. Now, some folk may not like the idea of getting stuck into upselling because they feel awkward about it or have only noticed it being done badly to them as customers but, after all, selling is what businesses do, and up-selling is all about the customer eating/seeing/doing more so that should be good for their experience, right?

Marketeer Russell Ferguson gave loads of examples of how decent, structured up-selling boosts the bottom line, based on leading the imagination. Try these 5 tips for starters…

  1. Feed people’s desire for things by feeding their eyes….make sure other diners can see the luscious desserts being delivered to tables nearby – they’re more likely to want one. Then, rather than asking them IF they’d like a dessert ‘or’ a coffee ask them WHAT they fancy for dessert and WHAT KIND of coffee they’d like.
  2. Instead of asking a male customer if they’d like a large or small glass of wine or a single or double whisky, especially if they’re in company, the psychology of asking in a humorous way if they’ll have ‘a ladies’ or a gent’s portion’ works wonders on sales of doubles!
  3. A good one for self catering is, when guests are leaving, to enquire when they’d like to come back…same time next year, perhaps they’d fancy booking a winter/spring/autumn/whatever break while there’s availability.
  4. If you’re serving food with local ingredients, you may also be able to sell some of these as retail items that people can take home after their visit eg biscuits or tablet they may have had with coffee, local preserves you may have served at breakfast (or made yourself!)….
  5. If you or your team are describing something that the customers can’t see, make sure you use descriptive, evocative, vivid language so that you do the product or experience justice: ‘bike hire’ sounds pretty plain compared with ‘take a spin on trails through the pine woods on one of our top-spec mountain bikes’, for example.

What great ideas! Find more articles like this by visiting Pride and Passion’s news section.

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