Welcoming Chinese Tourists

Australian learning and development company TravConsult have launched a non-commercial blog to help businesses (the tourism industry in particular) to better engage with the growing Chinese market.  Interactive and highly educational (if colourful and slightly unwieldy), this blog has scores of links to cultural advice, language guides, recipes, and even the Chinese weather!

Check out their blog here: TravConsult – China

Whether or not you find the TravConsult blog useful, it is worth noting that the global tourism industry is becoming very interested in local culture: not just the promotion of their own local treasures, but the understanding of their visitors’. If you are looking to expand the range of clientele your organisation attracts, perhaps it is worth considering what you can do to make them feel at home.

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2 Comments on “Welcoming Chinese Tourists”

  1. Trevor Lee Says:

    Dear Editor of the St Andrews Skills Academy Blog,

    Thank you very much for your article and kind words on our TravConsult – China Blog.

    Your comment that perhaps the tourism industry should consider what they can do to make international tourists feel at home is one we have taken to heart since commencing TravConsult back in 2002.

    Hotels, casinos, restaurants, attractions, theme parks, tour operators etc, often forget that the international tourist has a smorgasbord of destinations to choose from around the world, when planning to travel overseas.

    Therefore, it makes sense that when an international tourist arrives at your destination, it is extremely important to make them feel welcome and to make them feel that they have made the right choice in their destination.

    Two other noteworthy experts and educators of Chinese tourist behavior and travel patterns are Roy Graff (http://www.chinacontact.org/roygraff/, http://news.future-of-travel.org/) based in the UK, and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt (http://www.china-outbound.com)from Germany. Their respective websites and blogs are definitely worth visiting to learn more about Chinese tourists.

    And should the St Andrew Skills Academy and /or the Scottish Training Federation have members who are interested in Indian culture and the behaviour of tourists from India, please do ask them to visit our TravConsult India blog at http://www.travconsultindia.blogspot.com .

    Although not officially launched yet, this Blog is live and interactive and provides visitors with loads of links and information on a variety of topics for anyone interested in Indian culture, tourism and business.

    We do sincerely apologize for the slow download speed in both Blogs. The blogs’ content was created from the feedback we received from tourism professionals and academics who wanted a one-stop site for the information they and their organizations needed and required. Hence, we have chosen content over speed of download.

    Thank you once again for your article and kind words about our blog. We wish you well with your Academy and Blog and look forward to further correspondence with you.

    Best regards,
    Trevor Lee

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