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Here at the St Andrews Skills Academy, we receive weekly newsletters from Russell Ferguson Marketing in Glasgow, and this week a piece on Social Networking caught my eye.  RFM have kindly allowed me to copy it into our blog:

“It’s not about technology and wanting to be online constantly. It’s about wanting to belong and be connected constantly.”
Johan Jervoe, Corporate VP, Global Marketing, McDonald’s Corp. (iMediaConnection, 10/16/08)With today’s technological advances, there are a growing number of new, low-cost/no-cost options to market yourself and increase your presence amongst consumers and clients. Dozens of applications are popping up all over the Internet, and with mobile technology allowing people to be constantly connected to the online world, several opportunities exist. In carrying out some online research, the RFM team came across the following information on online social media:

  • Around the globe the online population is looking more and more like the overall population meaning that in a few short years, online access has moved from being a luxury or something cool to an essential, basic requirement
  • In the age of Twitter, feedback barriers have all but disappeared, creating a near friction-free environment for customer-company  interaction
  • Search continues to be an indispensible tool for all online denizens and opportunities for additional growth continue to emerge. Search across social media networks is the likely next opportunity for search engines
  • Access to social networking sites via mobile devices almost tripled during 2008, largely due to rising smartphone penetration and improved network speeds. Increasingly consumers are turning to their phones for a wide range of online content

It is clear that social networking and social media are evolving as the areas businesses must be involved with and marketing in. If you would like to find out more about how you could utilise these low cost/no cost methods of marketing, please contact RFM’s Marketing Executive Duncan on 0141 226 2400, or contact him via email:

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