What makes your visitors’ experiences special?

I came across this interesting, and rather terse, blog entry the other day, and thought that I would share it here.  The author seems to have become rather worked up about his subject matter, but I think he has an interesting point.

Do they hunt haggis up north?

To summarise the entry briefly, this writer believes that Scotland is beginning to miss out on a lot of its tourism opportunities by continuing to market to peoples’ stereotypes of ‘The Land of the Brave’. He argues that the Loch Ness, tartan, bagpipes, haggis and ‘heylan coos’ do not represent a full picture of what Scotland has to offer:

“With all this fanatically ‘twee’ presentation of my beloved country, Joe Bloggs tourist could easily be forgiven for leaving Scotland after a fortnight’s holiday not even having a clue about the roots of the Enlightenment that stemmed from these cold lands, the historical inventions and discoveries that our forefathers brought to modern development, the wealth of art contained in our abundant galleries, or the vibrancy and impact being made by the Scottish music scene.”

He goes on to accept that while we shouldn’t turn our backs on the traditions, castles, distilleries, etc, we should also emphasize the more dynamic and contemporary Scottish offerings in order to keep attracting tourists.

So, what can you do to show tourists more variety on their visits to Scotland? What experiences can you offer that have intrinsic value, as well as (or instead of) just being authentically ‘Scottish’?

Please do leave comments if you have ideas to share!

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