Business Cards – tips to make them work harder for you

OPENforum published an article recently about how to design and use your business card to get more business. Check it out here:


How hard is your real estate agent working for you? No, I don’t mean the real estate agent that’s assigned to your home. I’m talking about the real estate agent that’s assigned to your business! How’s that real estate agent working out for you?

What real estate agent am I talking about?

I’m talking about your business card. Whether you’ve thought about your business card in this way or not, your business card is the real estate agent assigned to market your business. If you haven’t thought about your business card in this way before, you’re not alone.

Most business card owners don’t know how to effectively use their marketing real estate agent effectively. Sure, they know that they need to put their name and contact information on their business card, and they know they need to hand them out to people. However, apart from that, not many people give much thought to their business cards.

How about you? How much thought have you given to your business card lately? When was the last time you sat down with your business card and looked at it from an effectiveness standpoint?

Your business card is prime marketing real estate. As such, it should be working hard for you every time it’s read. Therefore, it only makes sense to use all the real estate – front and back – on your card to let people know who you are and how your product or services can help them.

Five Attention Getting Items to Put on the Back of Your Business Card

1. The name of your book.

2. A stellar testimonial.

3. Information about your free e-Zine or promotional offer.

4. Specific quotation that reflects the heart of your business.

5. Your upcoming workshop or teleclass.

Five Creative Business Card Ideas Sure to Make An Impact

1. Use colored card stock.

2. Use a deep, rich color of ink. Cerulean blue adds vitality, sepia adds depth. Cool shale adds richness, and dark forest intrigue.

3. Consider a folded business card. Folded cards mean that you’ll be doubling your marketing real estate by turning it into mini-brochure.

4. Since business cards are as much a visual as a tactile experience, having a more textured feel to your card will make an impression. Consider using mulberry paper, embossed type, or metallic card paper.

5. Design more than one business card that reflects the different themes of the solutions you provide for your clients or customers. Then, instead of just handing someone your business card, fan out your cards in front of them and invite people to choose one. What a great conversation starter that is!

Lastly, business cards are not just for business settings. Leave one at restaurants with the tip, include a few with your bill payments, and put them in your notes to clients. Have them with you at all times and leave them everywhere!

You’ve seen one business card you’ve seen them all. Or have you? When done correctly, your business card will turn into a dynamic piece of marketing real estate working hard for you, even when you’re not around. Done without much thought, your business card will be just another piece of paper. Put your business card to work for you by implementing these creative and high impact ideas.

Have you seen any particularly good business cards? What makes them stand out?

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