5 tips for promoting your restaurant by word-of-mouth

Andy Sernovitz has written a short piece on ‘SmartBlog on Social Media’ about how to promote restaurants without using any ‘modern’ technology. Some ideas can be adapted to work for any business, so get creative and try some of these this week! To read the article in context, click here, otherwise scroll down…


* Send them home with something. Send folks out of your restaurant with a unique doggy bag, a T-shirt, some dessert to share — anything that will help them tell the next people they see about you.

* Offer a secret menu item. Offer a dish or special drink that only insiders know about. It will not only make them feel special, but will also give them something to share with their friends.

* Put it on the wall. Put things on the wall that will encourage customers to bring their friends to show them. Try taking pictures of your best customers, having a “wall of fame,” or allowing them to use personalized mugs.

* Host special events. Find key groups of talkers and invite them to meet in your restaurant. Try hosting a quarterly gathering for wedding planners, or hosting meetings for groups that come together frequently, such as the Boy Scouts.

* Create a holiday. Whether you go all out for a traditional holiday or you create your own — bring people to your place for a celebration. White Castle came up with a great spin on Valentine’s Day by creating “Love Castle,” where folks are encouraged to make reservations and bring their significant others for a candlelit dinner.

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