Three reasons to promote your business with video

A video for your business? Doesn’t that sound a little extravagant? Video has long been seen as a flashy extra for big businesses, but with faster internet speeds and cheaper production costs, the moving image has become available to the masses.  Read on for an OPEN Forum article about the advantages of using video to promote your business online.


There is a reason that movies have trailers. Though sometimes they give away too much, the trailer is the movie marketer’s chance to get you excited about the movie. It makes sense for a movie, since ultimately they are selling a video based “product” anyway. If your small business sells chocolates, or offers duct cleaning services … video may seem like a far fetched idea.

If you have a website, though, video can be the ultimate way to bring it to life. And while you may have shied away from using video for any number of reasons in the past, today having video on your site can make a huge impact and help you stand apart from your competition. With the rising adoption of at-home broadband internet, and the quality of online video going up every day, the excuses standing between you and using video are shrinking.

The one that may still remain, however, is cost.  Technology has made it easy to produce a low quality video and post it online, but in order to have a video that presents your business in a professional way, usually you need to hire a professional. In the past that may have seemed out of reach, but today there are tools that can help you cross this final barrier.

TurnHere is one such service – a unique site that has a network of over 7,000 professional filmmakers who they can pair with your business to help you create a video. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider using a service like theirs to create a video for your business:

1. Appearing in blended search results. Most small business owners understand that power of search engines as a way to drive people to your site. What is less often talked about is just how Google’s blended search results work. Essentially, blended refers to the fact that Google displays images and videos along with text based results. The benefit of this for your business is that there is a lot less competition to appear highly for a video than there is for text based content – so having video could be an important part of your SEO strategy.

2. Inspire trust through authenticity. One challenge most small businesses face at one point or another is getting past the hurdle of unfamiliarity. Though this is particularly true if you compete in an area where there are “name brands” against you … the concept is essentially the same. When people are faced with choosing your brand as the unfamiliar choice and a competitor as more familiar – it is tough to come out ahead. Having a video can help to get past that barrier of unfamiliarity.

3. Quality makes a difference. Part of the negative effect of the ease with which anyone can publish video online is that it often lacks any sort of quality. YouTube certainly doesn’t help, with their extreme compression of videos that makes even average videos look worse when they are “optimized” for the web. In contrast, working with a real professional makes a huge difference to getting your video to stand out.


What do you think? Are you impressed by websites that use video? Do you think it makes a site more persuasive? We’d love to hear your reactions, so talk to us here.

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