Businesses needed for Trials of Perth College Environmental Management System

Perth College has asked us to publicise the following opportunity for St Andrews businesses to develop an environmental management system.  Please contact Geraldine Balfour for further information or to sign up.

Project Title: Business Efficiency and Environmental Management in Rural SMEs

The project will engage five to ten Tourism or Rural SMEs and run until 31 July 2010 to develop Business Efficiency procedures in the areas of waste and energy usage. All SME’s engaged with the project will be identified prior to project approval.

Assistance will be given to each SME to understand where efficiency savings can be made in their business waste and energy activities. In addition, these new procedures will contribute to the introduction of Phase 1 BS8885 environmental management system to enable them to engage with supply chains of larger organisations.

Five to ten rural SMEs will be invited to participate in the project. Each SME will be issued with waste and energy templates on which to record monthly energy and waste usage figures. The monthly figures will be analysed by the Centre for Enterprise (Perth College) and Efficiency scenarios will be produced individually and collectively for each SME. Information on the business activities of each SME will also be gathered and when linked with the waste and energy data will satisfy Phase 1 BS8885 EMS requirements. With the understanding gained from Phase 1, each SME will be encouraged to pursue the full BS8885 standard to full EMS certifi9cation – further funding will be sought to enable each SME to do this. The intention is to create a knowledge transfer network on the benefits of waste, energy and environmental management and to offer SMEs additional supply change engagement opportunities with larger organisations.


  • Create a Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) for SMEs to share best practice in waste and energy efficiency and environmental management. Larger organisations will also be invited into the KTN to share knowledge.
  • Provide insight, through efficiency scenarios, for SMEs to engage in a process of continuous improvement in business efficiency practices.
  • Each SME will receive support from CfE to achieve phase 1 BS8885 environmental management system.
  • Each SME to receive twelve months waste and energy data analysis support.
  • Each SME to receive waste and energy scenarios to improve efficiency and profitability.
  • Delivery of half day workshop to feedback to all SME’s outcome of data collection and implementation of scenarios. These scenarios will assist each SME to become more efficient and more profitable and facilitate the identification of new products and new market opportunities.


SME Contribution:

  • Each SME will collect the energy and waste data on a monthly basis and submit to the Centre for Enterprise (CfE).
  • Each SME will provide CfE with information for Phase 1 EMS completion.
  • Total time commitment is 1-2 days per month per SME depending on size of accepted SME.

CfE Contribution:

  • The CfE will analyse monthly waste and energy data and produce efficiency scenarios for each SME.
  • The CfE will provide assistance for each SME to achieve Phase 1 BS8885 EMS.
  • The CfE will provide administrative support for the management of the KTN.
  • The CfE will identify further funding that will assist SMEs to achieve full EMS certification.
  • The CfE will host a half day workshop to disseminate all waste, energy and environmental management information to SMEs.
  • Total time commitment is 1-2 days per month depending on size of accepted SME.
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