St Andrews Standard: the Why, What and How

St Andrews Standard: Why?

The Standard was developed in conjunction with about fifteen town employers – representing many sectors of the tourism industry – as well as an expert customer service trainer. We initiated this project in response to the many requests we received from employers to find a more relevant, effective customer service course for their staff.

St Andrews Standard: What?

St Andrews Standard is an innovative new customer service package aiming to empower the hospitality and tourism staff in St Andrews to be ambassadors for the town; to take pride in history, to be knowledgeable about its present offerings and passionate about shaping its future.

The Standard is aimed at all frontline staff working for organizations that have dealings with visitors to St Andrews. It is a three-part programme comprising of: a day-long customer service workshop tailored to the needs of St Andrews, a 1-3 month customer service assessment period, and a quiz aiming to prepare employees to answer tourists’ common questions.

On successful completion of the Standard, candidates receive a certificate and a St Andrews Standard pin for their work clothing.

If your staff have attended a day-long customer service workshop in the past 12 months, please contact Anneliese to discuss whether it qualifies to fulfil the first part of the Standard package.

St Andrews Standard: How?

So you’re interested in the St Andrews Standard. You’d like to book a few staff onto a course and see how it goes. What’s the next step?

  1. Send Lynsay an email expressing your interest. She will email you a booking form and ask about your preferred payment method (invoice or online through our website).
  2. Fill in details of your candidates on the Excel spreadsheet and return it to Lynsay.
  3. Lynsay will then reply confirming your booking and requesting payment. On receipt of your payment, she will send the course materials; the quizzes with their corresponding answer booklets for supervisors, and the post-course assessment sheets for both candidate and supervisor to complete.
  4. We then ask that your candidates complete all three sections of the Standard within three months of receiving the materials. Once you have returned to us a copy of the successfully completed post-course assessment sheets, we will post out your staff’s certificates and pins.

Please retain the completed quiz booklets, as we may check your establishment occasionally to ensure that the Standard is being upheld.

Raise the Standard in St Andrews – book now!

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